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He favored sasuke too much, and it seemed like he forgot he had Naruto and Sakura as his students as well. Naruto and Sakura didn’t learn anything from him (that I remember) other than how to climb a tree, and even then Sakura was far ahead - and he didn’t even train her past that. He sent her to go help on the bridge with tazuna. Then, after the prelim chuunin exam, he completely dropped naruto to go and train sasuke’s speed/teach chidori. Naruto and sakura were ignored while he focused on sasuke and to be honest, it didn’t feel like kakashi was Naruto’s sensei at all - Jiraiya was more of that to him, a father and a teacher. Kakashi was just… there. Not to mention kakashi is always late to training - he doesn’t care. He abandoned his students - isn’t his/obito’s phrase supposed to be “those who abandon their comrades are scum”

and so he is

He lost my respect a long time ago

  1. moltress said: I can see where you´re coming from, and I kind of agree with you, but he is still my favourite character :)
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